Day 2

Last night we went on a harbor cruise. Jet lag was making Piper and me feel pretty sick, but we rallied to go on the cruise. We are glad we did. The views were beautiful:

For lunch we had Cantonese Dim Sum. So far I haven't been a fan of anything I have eaten, but this was definitely the best meal yet. The fried turnip cakes were delicious and the vegetable dumplings were works of art:


I have still been in a lot of back pain so I found an amazing massage place. I have never experienced anything like it. You start out with tea and a warm towel, then you smell various lotions to choose your palette, then you enter the massage room where they clean your feet in hot water. Piper liked that part. While the masseuse steps out, you are allowed to shower with beautiful toiletries and toners. Then we got a 90 minute massage that was a mix of deep tissue and Thai massage. She made some serious progress on my tight muscles. I can't say I feel much better but it was very enjoyable and I hope did some good.

Today we reconnected with our instrument trunks and played our first concert on tour. It was a marathon of a concert lasting 2 1/2 hours with 4 encores. It was hard work because Jet lag makes early evening the hardest time of the day. Looking around the orchestra, everyone looked a little woozy, but the orchestra sounded great and the audience loved it.

After the concert we hit the town to check out the Night Market and get some food. The excursion itself was a letdown (food was mediocre and the market closed early) but the company was fabulous. And we found Waldo!